My Mom Passes December 10, 2004

Friends of Helen Hardy

To those that knew Helen Hardy, wife of Louie Hardy, mother of Charles Hardy:

My Mom, Helen Hardy's wonderful, glorious life journey has ended. She passed away at around 1PM today December 10, 2004.
Her birthday was December 23rd and this year she would have be 103. Last years celebration for her 102nd birthday was wonderful with many people attending. She and I even ended up with our picture on the front page of local city news on December 24th.
(slow newsday)

Many of you knew my Mom over the years and have wonderful memories. Some of you didn't get to know her very well. For all of you, we have set up a website to honor and celebrate her life.
Check out website for

If anyone would like to contribute material, just email me/
We will set up a bulletin board on the site to record your thoughts if you wish.

Also, please feel free to email your memories of her to

We will be having a celebration of her life at the St. James Methodist church in Kingston, New York April 17th , 2005 1:00 PM

For those of you whom cannot attend, we will pass on your email messages at that time.

My Mom never really got to understand computers but it certainly is great that we can communicate this way and she would be happy, I'm sure to know, that all of you will have these memories of her.

Chuck Hardy

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