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Note:There are sound clips of records where indicated next to record titles

Number Title Artist
SSR-206 Charlie & the MTA Jack O'LEARY & Bruce MC CUE
SSR-205 Side By Side Gerry & Chuck Hardy
SSR-203 Car Wash Blues Evan Pauley
SSR-202 Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Chris Froggatt & Gerry Hardy
SSR-201 Livin' in Black & White Don Brown
SSR-200 Gonna Walk That Line Red Bates
SSR-199 Flintstones Corben Geis
SSR-198 Do What You Do, Do Well Lori Morin
SSR-197 Sweet Little Shelia Hans Pettersson
SSR-196 Birth of the Blues Mike Iavarone
SSR-195 You Baby Baby Jack O'Leary
SSR-193 Knock, Ring, Tap Jack O'Leary& Bruce McCue
SSR-192 Belles of St. Mary's Bruce Williamson
SSR-191 Back Home Again Red Bates & Jack O'Leary
SSR-190 You Made Me Love You Gerry Hardy
SSR-188 Tea For Two Mike Iavarone
SSR-186 Together Jack O'Leary
SSR-187 Million Dollar Man Don Brown
SSR-185 Ain't Got It No More Bruce McCue
SSR-184 This Hammer Hans Pettersson
SSR-183 Have I Told You Lately Lori Morin
SSR-182 My Baby Loves Me Gerry Hardy
SSR-181 Keep On The Sunny Side Tony McUmber
SSR-180 Winter Wonderland Red Bates
SSR-179 Stand on It Bruce McCue
SSR-178 Before I Met You Cliff Brodeur
SSR-177 Blue Skies Gerry Hardy
SSR-176 All Because of You Lori Morin
SSR-175 Pennsylvania Polk Mike Iavarone
SSR-174 Singin' The Blues Bruce McCue
SSR-173 Put You Hand in the Hand Chris Foggatt
SSR-172 Hey Little Devil Chris Foggatt
SSR-171 Someday Soon Red Bates
SSR-170 Its So Nice to Be With You Lori Morin
SSR-112 Wind Beneath My Wings Jack O'Leary


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