What a wonderful time the dancers had at the June dance with Tim Crawford. We all had a great time and those that missed it should be sure to catch him next time.

Also On July 9th the 5rd Annual Dinner Dance was held with Floridian, Red Bates calling. The chicken barbeque preceded the dance at 5:30. Many MSD members as well as guests attended this special. Lots of new dacners. It was great to see them.

Upcoming dances

On August 13th we will have our Hot Dog Roast Dance! Mickey McFarland will be calling.

PLEASE NOTE! For this dance I am asking MSD 'ers to help run the dance. Gerry and I will be in Denver Colorado over the last several weeks of AUGUST. We are having a vacation for several weeks visiting relatives and doing some other fun things.

Encourage all New Dancers and members of other clubs to attend our summer dances. These dances are specifically provided for their enjoyment; encourage dancers to continue to dance in the summertime.

Tri-Mountain Graduates Five

The Tri-Mountain square dance club graduated May 26th the following new dancers:

Doris & Gary Pezze

Ruth VanVliet

Judy & Douglas Westfall

Wonderful Busy Summer!

What a great summer it has been. Gerry and I called at two summer square dance camping weekends. One was over the July 4th weekend in Plattsburg at the Fair grounds. Bob Labounty called with us and Walt Wall and Mo Wall did the rounds. Dancing was in the North Country Squares dance hall right on the fair grounds.

The other weekend was at Boonville and it rained much of the time. Tik & Louise Goei attended from this area. Mo Wall was the cuer. It was a great hall to call and dance in and we hope to return there next year.

The Tri-Mountain and Catskill Squares/College Grads picnics came off with good weather in each case. Some fall prospects for dancing attended each picnic but we need to do much more recruiting if we want the classes to be successful.

JUNE Birthdays

Vivian Costine 6/2

Verna Gibble 6/7

Eleanor Tousey 6/16

Steve Wachenfeld 6/17

Rita Stein 6/25

Cynthia Hoogendoorn 6/27

Nancy Finkle 6/28

Gary Finkle 6/30


Mike Bonanno 7/6 Claude Gibble 7/19

Eugene Phillips 8/1 Marilyn Martin 8/5 Marge Richmond 8/9 Bill Schmeelk 8/9 John Whitford 8/11 Elvin Elliott 8/18 Chuck Hardy 8/22 Bill Lutz 8/29


Nancy & Gary Finkle 7/15

AL & Rita Stein 7/26

Hugo & Shirley Schulz 8/19

Marilyn & Gene Martin 8/23

Gerry & Chuck Hardy 8/24

Helen & Pete Robinson 8/28

Fall Classes

Start thinking about fall classes for your local club. Try inviting prospective new dancers to the club picnic. The callers certainly would be willing to call several tips just for them.

Mainstream Dancers has just received a supply of promotional pens to distribute to prospective dancers. Please use these pens to spread the word.

Upcoming Events

Pizza Night

September 17th 2000

Mainstream Dancers Red Hook

7:00 PLUS WS

7:30-10:00 PM Dance

Autumn Festival

September 15, 2000

Tri Mountain Squares

Callers:Gerry & Chuck Hardy

7:45- 10:30 PM Mainstream

Two PLUS Tips

Couple of the Year

Start thinking about who should be couple of the year at MSD's. Let Gerry and I know what your thoughts are.


An Unwanted Kiss

An honest seven-year-old told her parents that Billy Brown had kissed her after class.

"How did that happen?" gasped her mother.

"It wasn't easy," admitted the young lady, "but three girls helped me catch him."