Important News!!!

The October 29th MSD will be at St. Paul's church in Red Hook.

MSD Dancers of the Year

Ethel Anderson and Eddy VanBuskirk have been named couple of the year. They have both been long time members and very supportive of our club and square dancing in general. Please come to the Hudson Valley Dance and support them as they march with the banner.

Remember that MSD members get a discount on the ribbons. Only $6.00 per couple or $3 single.

The annual Masked Ball will be held October 29. Dress in your favorite Halloween costume if you wish. Ray Taylor will grace the stage at MSD. And don't forget our Cookie Dance in December with Bob Labounty.

Many of the MSD 'ers have renewed their memberships. Our membership runs from September thru August. It is only $10.00 per person for renewals.

Continue to make guests to MSD welcome. Especially if single dancers come, make sure these people get a chance to dance. And when you can visit other clubs in the area to help support the square dance activity and possibly make some new friends.

Future Events

November 19, 2000

Hudson Valley Council Dance

2:00-5:00 PM

Callers: Rusty McLean, Dave Mueller, Randy Page

Cuers: Shirley Underwood, Rosina Wagenhoffer

Mainstream, Plus, Advanced

Bolos-N-Petticoats Square Dance Shop

Holiday Jubilee Weekend at the

Friar Tuck Resort & Convention Center,

Saugerties , NY

December 1-3 2000 more info for highlights!

Gerry & Chuck Hardy

Don & Dot Coy

Upcoming dances

October 29, 2000

MSD Annual Masked Ball

with Ray Taylor calling.

Dance: 7:00-10 PM

November 12 Pie Night Dance.

Chuck & Gerry calling

December 3 Cookie Night Dance.

Bob LaBounty calling

Bobby Hanson 10/15

Ralph Roe 10/21

Hugo Schulz 10/27

Hugo Schulz 10/27

Martha Carlson 11/16

Winifred Badgley 11/17

Roy Greenberg 11/18

Anne Lawlor 11/28


Bill & Marge Lutz 11/19

We are selling square dance tee shirts and sweat shirts. Why not get one to wear or give as a gift

at Christmas. We need to spread the word about square dancing.

Some Humor

Living A Long Life

A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch.

"I couldn't help noticing how happy you look," she said. "What's your secret for a long happy life?"

"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he said. "I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods, and never exercise."

"That's amazing," the woman said. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-six," he said.





Funds generated from the Credit Card Program were distributed during the USDA annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, June 21, 2000. Affiliates shared a total of$13,200.00 with the understanding that the funds would be used in the promotion of Square Dancing. This was the second sharing of surplus funds by affiliates.

The USDA Board of Directors authorized distribution of funds generated by the program as follows; one half to affiliates and the other half to the USDA Youth and Handicapable programs. Over $10,000.00 is currently being held in escrow for the Youth and Handicapable programs until release is approved. What a super and easy way to provide funds to help support our great activity. USDA extends a sincere "thank you" to all who have obtained the Square Dancers Credit Card.

Something Gerry and I really Need.




Well now they won't have any choice! AT Etracks.com(tm) they just received a device today that's so helpful, we just had to immediately offer it to you: the EZ Hang Up from Zenith.

Simply connect it to your phone via the incoming line, and it plays the following polite, but FIRM, message at the press of a button: "I'm sorry, this number does not accept this type of call. Please regard this message as your notification to remove this number from your list. Thank you."

Upon completion of the message, it will then disconnect the line.


CONGRATULATIONS go to TONY OXENDINE, Sumter, South Carolina, the newest recipient of the CALLERLAB Milestone Award. This prestigious award was presented to Tony at the 2000 CALLERLAB convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tony has been deeply involved with square dancing since he first learned to dance in 1972. He entered square dance calling in 1974 when it was well developed. The techniques of dub calling were well understood and widely practiced and the methods and presentations of traveling callers had become reasonably standardized. It was also just before the CALLERLAB Mainstream Program was developed. The establishment and acceptance of a standard list of calls required a new way of calling. A caller could no longer simply introduce new terms (moves) as a means of "leveling the ability of the floor. Tony quickly realized he needed to develop presentation skills which would permit the dancers to enjoy this new style of choreography. He combined a unique presentation style and a masterry of choreography, with an uncanny sense of showmanship. Though these skills he quickly became one of the most popular festival callers. This provided other callers the opportunity to observe his many talents to bring enjoyment to the dancers. His presentation and showmanship skills had a tremendous influence on the way other callers viewed their presentations and provided them a model to follow.

In addition to his leadership on stage, Tony accepted, somewhat reluctantly, a position of organizational leadership by serving on the Board Of Governors. Later he was called upon to assume an even greater leadership role when he was elected Chairman Of The Board. This turned out to be a turbulent time for CALLERLAB and few will ever know how very important and valuable it was to have Tony as our Chairman at this critical time. His leadership and stature represented CALLERLAB most effectively during some difficult negotiations. His energy, devotion, leadership, and diplomacy were exemplary.

His professionalism, showmanship, leadership, and other talents have had a broad influence on the square dance activity, callers, and CALLERLAB. He has unselfishly devoted vast amounts of time and money toward the preservation and promotion of square dancing.

The Milestone Award is CALLERLABs highest honor. It is presented to individuals who have met the five point criteria in the field of square dancing and been selected by representatives of the membership. This most prestigious award is presented to callers who have made significant contributions to the square dance activity.



Research Results Are A


CALLERLAB, through its Foundation, has completed the analysis of its initial research study. It was conducted as a 'first step of, The Phoenix Plan, a new marketing program. And the 'findings were surprisingly pleasant! The survey, conducted by StarWorks mc, a Michigan based Research firm, under the direction of Jim Hensely, the Foundations Marketing Director, was a preliminary study of general public opinion with the following objectives:

-- Assess the image of Square Dancing

-- Explore potential for expanding interest in Square Dancing

-- Identify other possible marketing targets for marketing efforts

-- Test viability of"Boomers" as a target

The nearly two thousand respondents, who were balanced geographically and demographically, were given three questions, establishing: If they had ever square danced, whether they had negative, positive or neutral opinions about it, and whether they might consider joining a square dance class.

The findings were surprisingly positive in many areas. Square dance activity is a wide open market, with less than 15% of our population ever having experienced it as an adult. The image issue was decidedly stronger than anticipated. In this study, it proved to be moderately POSITIVE, with only a small minority (12%), having a negative opinion. Most people were neutral, but a THIRD were positive. People who had contact with square dancing as an adult, were twice as likely to be positive. Experiencing the activity apparently breeds goodwill. Almost all income levels reacted the same way, with lower level incomes being twice as positive. Positioning square dancing as a 'FunSocial-and Healthy activity would draw one in six, to consider joining a class, with another 40% maybes.

Additional work win be needed to validate results, but this preliminary study showed the general context for square dancing as relatively favorable. There is considerable potential for expanding interest in this activity. The 'Baby Boomers are a viable target market for square dancing. Other marketing targets should include singles, who have been married and people with lower incomes.

In August, 2000 the Foundation win began a series of Focus Group Research Studies in three cities, Charlotte NC, St Louis MO, and Portland, OR. These will be in depth, face-to-face sessions, with a professional moderator questioning a small, representative group of carefully chosen people, in detail, about their opinions and feelings. In each city we will visit with three separate groups, two who have never square danced and one group who dropped out of square dancing, after only a few lessons. Names of discontinued dancers will be obtained through local callers and club leaders. If you know of people who have dropped out of a square dance class, please send that information(name, address and telephone number) along with your name and telephone number to the CALLERLAB Office. These sessions, which are video taped and reviewed, will give everyone better insight into our problem areas.

Hopefully, other square dance organizations will want to participate in similar research studies to learn more about their individual market area. The results of our final report will be made available through the Foundation at a later date this Fall.


Some Humor-- Headlines

1. Include Your Children When Baking Cookies

2. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers

3. Drunks Get Nine Months in Violin Case

4. Iraqi Head Seeks Arms

5. Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?

6. Prostitutes Appeal to Pope

7. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over

8. British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands

9. Teacher Strikes Idle Kids

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