The Mainstream Dancers square dance club was formed in July 1995 in order to provide additional dancing for new square dancers and experienced square dancers during the summer months. The dances continued after that first summer, meeting Sunday nights once a month.

Over that year the attendance continued to increase and beginning with our first anniversary in July 1996 we began meeting twice a month as our schedule permitted. From July to December will dance the Mainstream program with an emphasis on providing smooth dancing aimed at new dancers. Beginning with our December Christmas Dance, we start using a square dance program that will allow all square dance class dancers to attend as well as their angels and other experienced dancers. This dance program will continue until June when our program will again become mainstream.

The Mainstream Dancers Square Dance Club is a place for new dancers and experienced dancers to meet and dance in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing everyone to have a very good time. In between the squares those attending are introduced to other forms of The American Folks Dance. Some of these include mixers, quadrilles, contra, lines and couple dances.

Our dances are held at the Red Hook Elks Lodge in Red Hook, NY on Sunday nights. The dance facility is an exceptional place for dance since it is air conditioned and has a wood floor. The acoustics are excellent and the hall will handle our anticipated attendance allowing everyone a very comfortable dance experience. On occasion where large attendance is anticipated we will be limiting attendance by holding "ticket only" events. We always want the emphasis to be on the enjoyable dance experience and an overly crowed facility sometimes compromises this concept.

The club callers are Gerry Hardy and Chuck Hardy. Once a month guest callers are hired to provide a new experience especially for the new dancer. We feel that all dancers should be able to dance to outstanding callers and not be pushed to other programs (PLUS or ADVANCED) in order for this to occur.

At times, theme dances will be run to provide continued interest. Also, special events are planned for future dances and these may require higher entrance fees. Starting June 1996 the dance fee was set at $4.00 per person for regular dances.

The club has continued to grow and for our January (1) and February (2) dances the attendance was 6 and 7 squares dancing. We started to accept memberships in September of 1996 and presently have 48 members. And of course, starting at our Christmas Dance, class people are eligible to join the club. They are not required to graduate first.

Our membership year runs September thru August and the fee is $10.00 a person. New members get a free pass to one dance, a bumper sticker, a badge and a subscription to the club newsletter. No reduction for admissions are given. Some extra benefits are all members are admitted free to two special dance events; the Beginners Ball (in March) and the Anniversary Barbeque(in July). They are only required to pay for the dinners.

The club has enjoyed dancing to many popular callers over the past year. They were Red Bates, Jack O'Leary, Stan Burdick, Cliff Brodeur, Bob Bourassa and Mickey McFarland. Up coming events will see Bob LaBounty, Mike Callahan, Joe Fioretti as well as Red Bates calling our Red HOT 2nd Anniversary Barbeque Dance July 20th. Red called our first anniversary dance and the sellout was a huge success.

Many special theme dances are provided for creating added interest in square dancing. Some of these have been Ice Cream Social, Corn Roast, Chinese Auction, Masked Ball, Pizza Night, Cookie Night, Pie Night, Chilli Night and of course a Christmas Dance, a Presidents Dance and a Valentines Dance. A pot luck dinner was held at our Christmas Dance.

In the future we hope to be joining with two neighboring clubs to have a three club special dance in order to try and promote better attendance and co-operation between clubs. Marshall Flippo and Rosina Wagenhoffer will be combining on November 28, 1997 to kick off this new venture. More of these dances will be planned in the future. 2/27/97 MSDANCE1.wp